Beauty | Products That Didn't Work For Me

So today I'm going to be covering a slightly different beauty topic and talking about products that didn't really work for me.

Please bare in mind that this is personal experience and these products make work wonderfully for you, but these are just my experiences.

I'm going to start with the product I'm most conflicted about. I love Barry M nail polishes and I buy far too many because I love their colour range and the different ranges such as the textures polishes. However no matter what base and top coats that I use these polishes will chip, or just completely peel off my nails within a day or two and I've never heard anyone have this problem before so maybe it is just me. However I will continue to battle with these polishes.

BB Creams
I know I'm not the only person who has struggled with BB Creams but this is a fight I have truly stopped fighting. No matter what brand, and I have tried many, all turn me ridiculously orange, leave me looking incredibly shiny, or just look patchy when applied. My last hope is to try a Korean BB Cream, however there are now so many on the market and difficult to buy I think I'll just pass.

I think I picked up this moisturiser when I ran out of my usual moisturiser and was unable to get it for some reason, so I just grabbed this. It states it was oil free and for oily to combination skin, well it definitely didn't do my skin any favours it broke me out awfully and just left me looking shiny all day, the main thing I want from a moisturiser for oily to combination skin is something that can control my shine.

Oh my god this product was a huge let down. I can't complain too much because I received it for free for completely an online survey, although honestly I cannot remember completing that survey. I hated this product, well I hated the formula. I found it to be too wet and it just clumped my lashes together, also the brush was too big for me to work with and I ended up with mascara all over my eyelids. I have been really wanting to write a review on this product, however I just cannot bring myself to do it.

This probably isn't a surprise as I have already written a review on this product explaining why I disliked it so much, and you can read that hereLong story short I hated how my hair was left feeling after I used this product, and I'm not quite sure where all the hype surrounding this range has come from. It does seem to just be me on this one though.

Again, this is probably not a surprise that these are featuring on this list of products that didn't work for me, please read my review here. I'm not sure why I bought these twice when I really didn't like the first one I bought, but hey you continue to try.

Like I said earlier my views of these products are purely based on my own personal experience and I know a lot of people who really enjoy some of the products that I have included, but for me they just didn't work.

Have you ever had a product that just didn't mean your expectations and just didn't work for you? Let me know below!