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Is it fair to write about shops that you're in love with but haven't had a chance to buy anything from yet? Because that's what I'm about to do below!

On the days that I'm not up to my neck in uni work, I'm usually just relaxing and floating around on the internet looking at all sorts of things, and they usually end up on my Pinterest. Here are some of the shops that I've stumbled across lately that I just absolutely love everything from.
There is only a small selection of items on their Etsy page which have the cutest designs, however a quick google revealed that they have their own website where you can buy so much more from. Give me half the chance and I'll probably end up pinning every item possible from their website.
Okay so this is a little bit of a cheat as Dolly Bow Bow isn't a shop I've only just recently stumbled across, I've known of it and loved it since I started watching Kate on YouTube. I've never been a massive fan of statement jewellery, but I love Kate's designs, I really love the delicate pieces of jewellery that are offered too.
Elite Paperie
Quite simply the paper gift tags and decorations that this shops creates are absolutely beautiful and so simple at the same time.
This is a shop that sell a range of items for you to decorate you Macs, iPhones or iPads with, like stickers for the back of your Macs and cases. I'm not keen on all the designs, but there are some that I absolutely adore. The only problem with this store is that the products are only for Apple products, so you wouldn't be able to buy a gift for someone without one of these.
I was introduced to this website via Louise. I am one of those people who love anything and everything stationary wise, especially when it's something with a cute design! I could actually buy everything on this website.
The simplistic designs on everything is something that I absolutely love with the little pops of colours. I want everything; the cards, journals and gift tags! They also have their own website.
There are some really nice looking gift wrapping ideas that I feel would add a really personal touch to any gift, any time of the year.
Another shop selling journals and cards. The simplistic designs and range of colours really grabbed me with this shop.
I'm not sure how I stumbled across this online store, but I do know that I love the range of clothes, shoes and jewellery, in fact a lot was pinned from this website.
For anyone who loves typography art this is the store for you, there is such a wide range of styles that I'm struggling to decide which one I want the most. You can also find their own website here.
Again another store for the typography lover and there again is a design for everyone. Personally, I'm absolutely loving the Harry Potter collections.
Another online store that I was introduced to by Louise. Again, I'm not a huge fan of statement or 'costume' jewellery, but again there are loads of delicate pieces that I absolutely adore. I also think the fact that so many pieces can actually be customised is a perfect touch meaning that it would make the perfect gift for so many people again.
Again I'm a sucker for anything with a pretty, delicate, girly looking pattern. I'd just love to own one of the journals from this store, I'm even loving the patterns of the gift tags & wraps!
Again, Louise lead me here. I love the idea of customised jewellery, I think it would make such a special gift where a lot of love and thought has gone into it. I love every piece of jewellery on this site, and again I'd love to own a piece, or even buy someone a piece.

I hope that you love these stores as much as I do. If you know of any similar stores that you think I'd love, let me know!