Life | What I Got For Christmas 2014

So I have been debating a lot whether to actually write this blog post, let alone even post it, but then I thought "well, these are some of my favourite blog posts and videos to watch so why not?" and the last thing I want to seem is like I'm bragging. So here you go, feel free to have a nose through what I got for Christmas.

There are some presents that won't be included, purely because I still have some people to see and exchange presents with.. But I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'll find out what they are at a later date, so here you go.

Let's start with the food. What would Christmas be if we didn't receive a hell of a lot of chocolates and sweets? It doesn't look like I received a lot, but it sure does feel like it, but I'm sure I'll slowly make my way through it all. For those of you who are eagle eyed enough to spot it I did get a gingerbread house for Christmas, now I know most people will be thinking that you're meant to do these before Christmas, but I've never done one in my life and I got one, so I'll be doing it after and I'm actually quite excited!

I also got a lot of products, some of which are old favourites and some which I actually can't wait to try. Watch this space for a lot of reviews coming from this pile!

I name this my 'other' present pile because they don't really fit anywhere else, here I got some really fun stuff like some cute owl bookends that I need to find a home, some gorgeous jewellry, clothes, bags, the cutest little Minnie and Mickey Mouse teddies, and a lot more. Again for those who are able to spot it, or if you follow me you'll already know, but I was lucky enough to be bought tickets for a Harry Potter London walk tour which I absolutely cannot wait for!

So that was quick whistle stop tour of everything I got for Christmas, I don't want it to seem like I'm bragging in this blog post because that isn't my intention. I love seeing what everyone else got, so I thought I'd join in the fun and share.

Normal blog posts will return next week.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, got some amazing things, are enjoying some lazy time and that you all have a wonderful New Year!