Life | The Ultimate Relaxation Time

I like to try and make sure that I take some time for myself and truly relax at least once a week, and I usually do this by having a nice candlelit bath where I can relax with a good book, and enjoy a good cup of tea.

I usually use a mix of the Skin So Soft Bath Oil, infused with jojoba oil and the Warm Vanilla & Fig Bubble Bath when I'm in the bath. This mix gives me a luxurious feeling bath with bubbles, and who doesn't love bubbles in the bath? The bath oil leaves my skin feeling silky smooth for days afterwards, and the longer I soak in the bath the more I can feel the oils soaking into my skin.

Whilst I'm soaking in the bath I like to relax reading my kindle whilst using a hair mask and wearing a face mask. As you can see I was reading Christmas with Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher to get me in the Christmassy mood, which I'll review soon and I'm currently using a Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask which leaves me hair feeling silky smooth and nourished and I'm using up my Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask before I buy another one, which leaves my skin feeling a lot softer and helps to calm my skin.

After I've relaxed reading my kindle I then have a deep exfoliation using my trusty Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub which leaves me feeling fresh and ready for the week ahead, followed by The Righteous Butter Body Butter to deeply nourish my skin after exfoliating.

I sometimes forget just how important it is to relax and take time out, I also forget sometimes that I'm allowed to take time out for myself. But I've recently fallen back in love with taking a bath, after all jumping in a shower quickly isn't always all that, and I now try and make time each week for a relaxing bath.