Friday First | Maybelline Baby Lips Soothing Cherry

So this is going to be my last Friday First of 2014! This week I'm talking about the Maybelline Baby Lips in Soothing Cherry.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to actually get through one lip product this year as I'm forever picking up new tins of Vaseline before finishing another, however I went shopping and forgot my Vaseline so I needed something quickly. I've almost finished my Vaseline too, so this isn't cheating I promise!

Firstly, I'm going to start of by pointing out that I don't think this one of the Baby Lips that is normally available in the UK, it's completely different packaging as it's a lot smaller and thinner and the lid is completely different to the Baby Lips that you normally pick up in the UK.. however I grabbed it from my local Pound Shop, don't judge me!

I shouldn't have picked this product up, I've tried Baby Lips before, I originally tried the 'Hydrate' one, and I hated them the first time, I'm not quite sure why I thought this one would be any different.

I find that Baby Lips leave a strange taste in my mouth, and I'm not one who is constantly licking my lips after I put on my lip balm, Soothing Cherry is a nice flavour when it initially goes on but it soon turns into that horrible aftertaste.

This product chaps my lips like there is no tomorrow! I know people say that lip balms have an ingredient in them which are designed to chap your lips so you have to use them more but Baby Lips really chaps my lips. Before using this my lips were quiet smooth, after I use this a whole layer of skin will come off the top of my lip that wasn't there before.. Ew I know! The first Baby Lips I tried did this too. I'm not a person who's lips crack and bleed, but this product dried my lips out so much that they did.

Will I continue to use Baby Lips? Definitely not, this product is heading straight to the bin.
Would I repurchase Baby Lips? I won't. It only cost me £1 so I can't be too annoyed, but even so I feel cheated, I can't imagine paying £2.99 for this product.
Would I recommend Baby Lips? Not at all. I know so many people who use lip products, I'd just recommend Vaseline or Blistex.
Overall score out of 5? I'll give this product a 1, and that is purely because I like the colours on the packaging and the soothing cherry flavour is nice when you first put it on.

Have you ever used Maybelline Baby Lips? What did you think to the product? Let me know below.