Life | What's In My Bag

So I don't know about you, but I know that I'm super nosey and some of my favourite videos and blog posts are 'What's in my bag?' So seeing as I love reading them, it's only fair I do one!
So this is my bag. I picked it up from Sainsburys at the end of March I think, I know I got it just before I went on holiday, for £20. It just has two handles and three compartments, one bigger on where the majority of my stuff is thrown, and then one on the front and back as well as two small decorative pockets on the front that I don't use.

And here is all the stuff that gets thrown into my bag on a daily basis! Let's start in the middle and then work our way around clockwise..

1. So in the very centre of the picture is my notepad, it's kind of hidden by everything else. Seeing as this is the bag I use on a daily basis, but also for uni my notepad is usually in the back compartment.
2. My Pete Panda nail file. I always have a nail file in my bag cause you never know when you're going to need one. I picked this up in a pack of four from Primark for £1, because honestly they were too cute not to buy.
3. My pens, highlighters and memory stick. These all stick together in a small pocket in the main compartment. I have two black pens, and then my coloured pens cause I colour code my modules at uni, it just makes taking notes a lot easier.
4. My keys. I always need my keys on me so I can get in and out of my house. Yes that is a Leeds festival lanyard on them, it makes them easier to find in my bag.
5. My purse. Like my keys I always need my purse on me so I can actually get to uni and back. I got this for my birthday so I don't know how much it was but I do know it's genuine leather and it was picked up from TKMaxx.
6. Volvic bottle. I always have this on me, I usually just fill it up before I leave the house daily, saves me buying one when I'm at uni!
7. Phone charger. This always gets thrown into the bottom of my bag, infact I call it my travel charger because it's a lot more alive than my other charger. I never know when I'm going to need to charge my phone, so I don't take any chances.
8. Powder and powder brush. I always need to touch up my makeup during the day so I just take my powder with me so I don't look like such a huge sweaty mess. My powder brush is from Avon and I just use the translucent powder from Laura Paige.
9. Tic Tacs. I always have either a box of tic tacs or a packet of mints in my bag. It's currently apple tic tacs, and they are my absolutely favourites.
10. Hand gel & Hand cream. I always have hand gel in my bag for those times when I can't properly wash my hands with soap and water, because I'm always using hand gel my hands get dry quite quickly so I always have a hand cream with me. I just use the Carex hand gels and I'm currently using Hand Food from Soap & Glory, but you'll see this in a blog post soon.
11. Tissues. I always have tissues on me, I suffer with hayfever and before long I'm sure I'll have a cold..
12. Headphones. I'm always on public transport and therefore I always need my headphones on me.
13. Deodorant. Who doesn't want to feel fresh all day? I'm currently using Soft & Gentle Jasmine and Coco Milk.

I can't believe I carry all this around on a daily basis!