Life | Happy Christmas Birmingham

Yes I said it, the 'C' word!

Once again me and Ryan spent a weekend in Birmingham, mainly because we had two gigs that we were going to, but it just so happened that the German Christmas Market was also on.
It's November and it is freezing, I was also trying to pack light, so I went for comfort when dressing for the gigs! Saturday night to Mallory Knox, I just wore my jeans, with a black vest top and a stripped netted jumper, with my beaten up old converse. I really did go for comfort, we knew we were standing at the back so I knew I'd be safe in my jeans.

Sunday night for The Gaslight anthem I recycled my jeans and wore my Mickey Mouse jumper for warmth, I wasn't meant to be wearing this but we'd been out all day before we went and I was too cold to even attempt to change.

Both gigs were incredible, Mallory Knox and The Gaslight Anthem are both bands that I love seeing live because they both put everything they have into a show. My legs hurt, I sung my heart out and it was just one of the best weekends ever.
So Sunday was the day we explored the German Christmas Market that is on in Birmingham. It was an incredible day, a day that saw us walk too much, eat far too much food and also have one too many Baileys Hot Chocolates.. If you get the chance to go, I'd definitely recommend it, it really does get you into the spirit of everything and the atmosphere is just something else!
A very tired me on Monday morning was craving hot chocolate, so we hunted down a Caffe Nero, however being in Birmingham only means one thing.. We got a Five Guys! If you haven't been then I highly suggest that you find one and pay them a visit, best. food. ever.

So I didn't manage to get any decent pictures from either gig,probably because I was so far back and I'm so tiny.. But the lights look pretty in the pictures that I did manage to take.

Have you been to the German Christmas Market? Do you plan on going to anything like it? Do you have any gigs lined up? Let me know below!