Friday Firsts | Argon Oil Deep Moisturising Foot Pack

So basically what these pictures prove to me is that there is no attractive way to take a picture of anything on your feet..

So welcome to 'Friday Firsts'! I want to call this a series, but I have no idea how often this will be. Every time I have a new product it will appear in a 'Friday Firsts' so you can all see what I first think of a product and if I'll be reusing/repurchasing.

I picked up this foot pack whilst I was out with my mum, we got one each, it was only £1 so we thought why not! I'm a sucker for anything argon oil, although I prefer to use it on my hair rather than my skin, I thought it was worth a try at least. The instructions are pretty simple; use on clean and dry feet, take the boots out of the pack, unfold and put on for 15-20 minutes.

The boots claim to deeply penetrate the skin to 'reduce callus build-up' and 'help repair and soften cracked, split heels'. Seeing as they are meant to do this in 20 minutes, I was slightly skeptical but they were only £1!

I will tell you now the boots have the weirdest feeling, they are mainly plastic will the cream inside so it does feel like you're wearing plastic bags on your feet for 20 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised, when I took these off there was some cream left over so I just rubbed this into my feet and then put on some socks whilst my feet dried off so nothing horrible stuck to them. But my feet did feel a lot softer, especially around the heel area which is always nice. My feet did feel super moisturised and it felt like I'd spent a lot of money treating myself.

Would I reuse the foot pack? I think I would, it was a nice and simple 20 minute pamper.
Would I repurchase the foot pack? I would, I don't know if I'd rush out tomorrow to buy one, but if I was out and I saw one I'd pick one up again.

Would I recommend the foot pack? I would. Like I said above, it's a simple 20 minute home pamper treatment.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this pack a 3, the results didn't last longer than a day and there was cream that had to be rubbed in afterwards, but my feet did feel initially softer.

What are your thoughts on Argon Oil? Would you ever consider using a product like this? Let me know!