Friday First | Village Candle Warm Apple Pie

This week's Friday First is another product that I was given for my birthday, and this week I have a candle.

Lately I'm really enjoying candles to help me relax, whether it be when I'm in the bath or whether I have one on my desk whilst I'm doing uni work.

As you can see above the candle I'm reviewing is the scent Warm Apple Pie, I honestly had no idea what to expect from this candle. According to the website the scent is 'sweet and tart apples, and baked vanilla with notes of cinnamon and cloves', the scent of cinnamon really does come through with this candle which I absolutely love.

I was initially worried that this candle would only be one wick, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was two wicked so my candle will burn cleanly and evenly.

When the candle is burning I couldn't really smell the scent and I was a little bit heartbroken as I had such high hopes for this candle, and when I burn my Banana Bread candle the scent really fills and room and really hangs around for days, but when I left the room for a moment and then walked back in I was greeted with the scent, so even though the scent isn't the strongest, it still does fill a room.

Will I continue to use the Warm Apple Pie Village Candle? Definitely, it feels more like a Christmas scent and I think it will replace my Banana Bread candle for this time of year.
Would I repurchase Warm Apple Pie Village Candle? I think I will, I'm going to be interested in discovering what other scents they do.
Would I recommend Warm Apple Pie Village Candle? I would, I was pleasantly surprised by how full this candle was.
Overall score out of 5? I'd give this candle a 3, the scent isn't very powerful in the sense that when I'm sat next to the candle burning I can't smell it, but when you walk into a room where one is burning, the scent really does come through.

Have you ever had a Village Candle before, let me know what you think? What do you think about candles? Do you have a favourite candle?