Friday First | Soap & Glory Hand Food

For my 21st Birthday I was lucky enough to be given a Soap & Glory gift set called 'Soaper Heroes' which contains 5 travel size favourite Soap & Glory items. There are so many products from Soap & Glory that I want to try, having one of these gift sets gives me the perfect chance to try a few, as well as review them for a few 'Friday First' posts.

I started off with Hand Food; I'm someone who always has a bottle of hand gel in my bag, I'm a student nurse so I'm always washing my hands and also the weather is changing so my hands are feeling really dry lately, so I was so glad when I saw Hand Food was included in this set.

Hand Food contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow and is scented with the original pink fragrance from Soap & Glory. Even from the first time using Hand Food my hands felt incredibly soft, nourished and moisturised. The scent isn't overwhelming and this isn't a greasy hand cream.

Will I continue to use Hand Food? Definitely, once I've finished my other hand cream.
Would I repurchase Hand Food? Definitely, I love how my hands feel after using it and I quite like the scent.
Would I recommend Hand Food? I definitely would.
Overall score out of 5? Initially I'd give it a 3, and that's after only using it for one day. After using is for a full week I'd up that to a 4, my hands do feel softer and it has helped my cuticles. Quick edit before uploading: I slightly burnt my hand last night, but I used this after running it under cold water, and this soothed my hand and my skin feels fine this morning. Yay for me being clumsy!

Have you used Hand Food before, let me know what you think? Would you consider using Hand Food?