Life | Dear October

Dear October,

It's me again, hello. I told you I'd continue to do these letters, so lets see where we're going this month.

First and foremost, this is the month I turn 21 and I cannot wait! It's going to be a super busy month because of this and I have so many celebrations planned, with both friends and family. I've got a day planned with one of my best friends, which I cannot wait for, I have a night out planned, I have family time planned. With all the stress the organisation has bought, I just hope these celebrations are as amazing as I want them to be.

You're also the month when Halloween falls, and I cannot wait. As I've grown older I've fallen in love with Halloween more. It's an excuse to dress up and have a night out, what's not to love? I think I have my outfit planned, we'll have to see.

As well as my own family plans I've also got commitments with my Ryan's family this month, which will be nice. I'm slowly but surely starting to get to know more of Ryan's family, so these plans will be really nice too.

Let's face it, uni is going to become a lot more busy this month. This absolutely terrifies me, but I'm also excited. I just want to attack this year with everything I have. Bring it on!

I'm still waiting for Autumn to arrive October, it's still warm outside which means I still don't have an excuse to wear a huge chunky scarf or my hat. I hope you bring some more autumnal weather October, I need an excuse to wear my new skirt.

So you're going to be a really busy month for me October, but I'm excited and ready for what you'll bring along with you October. I have a feeling you're going to fly by October, but don't go too quickly please!

Beka. xo