Life | Dear November

Dear November,

First, I'm writing to you a day early and for this I apologise. I'm going to be seeing October off in style and I want to make sure that you get this letter on time.

My brother turns 18 this month, so I'm excited to celebrate that with him. My little brother who I still see as a little boy will legally be an adult, I cannot wait to see him grow up.

I see two of my favourite bands this month, both within a night of each other. It's going to be such a fun weekend, I get a weekend away with Ryan, , we get to explore the German Christmas market, we get to listen to amazing music live, and we get a Five Guys, what more could I want?

Bonfire night is a thing too, but I'm not actually sure if I'll be doing anything for that. Other than that you're going to be a quite month November. I'm going to cherish those quiet moments to snuggle up on those cold nights whilst doing my uni work and just enjoy those quiet nights.

I hope you're filled with jumpers, soft blankets, warm hot chocolates, quiet nights, and much more November. I look forward to the surprises that you'll bring.

Beka. xo