Beauty | The Power of Tea Tree & Witch Hazel

I honestly never expected these products to work as well as they did and I never expect to be repurchasing them both.

I picked both of these products up as I was looking for something affordable which would really help out my skin issues at the time. Both of these products are from Boots own line of Tea Tree & Witch Hazel skin care. I picked up a blemish stick and a back spray.

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick, £2.59
Simply a solid stick which you dab onto the needed area. I apply this directly to the areas on my face that I need after I have washed my face before I apply my moisturisor, twice a day. This is my second blemish stick and I'll be picking up my third very very soon.

Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray, £4.99
I picked this up as I struggle with acne on my shoulders and the top of my back and I had not been able to find a product for this, I was even looking at buying one from Amazon for over £10 then I stumbled across this. I simply spray this over my shoulders and the top of my back whilst I'm getting ready in the morning and in the same areas once I get out of the shower before I go to bed. This is also my second bottle of this product to.

I would highly recommend both products, they have a fantastic price tag which is easily affordable for anyone's budget. Neither product smells too much of tea tree, which is great because I know that is everyone's fear when using a product that contains tea tree.

If I had to rate this product, it would easily score a 4/5. My only criticism is that the products, especially the blemish stick could be bigger in size!