Life | Long Distance Relationships

I know I've done a lot of 'Life' posts lately, however they just seem to be topics which are a lot more relevant at the minute. I had a 'Beauty' post all planned out and I'll probably get back to that soon, however I felt this post was something which is more relevant, especially as a lot of people I know are moving away to university soon and want to maintain relationships, so here a few tips thats I use to keep the relationship going strong!

A relationship with any amount of distance included is not easy let me just put that out there. A lot of people tell me that because my boyfriend only lives in a different city, not in a different country that it doesn't count as distance. I don't get to see my boyfriend as often as I would so I class us as being in a long distance relationship.

Make Your Phone Your Best Friend
Texts and phone calls will become your best friend. You don't get to wake up next to your significant other, but you do get to send them a really great good morning text for them to wake up to. You don't get to be excited with them in person, but you do get to ring them in an evening and give them a run down of your daily events and relive that excitement when you tell them. Another fantastic tip is to plan phone calls if you both have busy days, make sure that you make time to talk to them.

Make The Most Of Skype
Texts and phone calls only work so well, sometimes you need to see the person you're talking to. I've personally used Skype to cry to Ryan, be excited with Ryan, I've used Skype to almost fall asleep whilst talking to Ryan, hell I've even used Skype to ask him if I look okay in what I'm wearing before I go out. Use Skype to your advantage, it's free and it's nice to sometimes remind yourself what your significant others face looks like rather than just hearing a voice.

Plan To See Each Other
Talking on a daily basis helps a lot, however it is never the same as physically seeing someone. Make time to plan a weekend together and just enjoy actually being together. Do silly things, plan things, do nothing. Just enjoy having a small bit of time together.

Learn To Love The Time Apart
If distance has taught me one thing it's actually taught me to enjoy my own company and not worry about being on my own when I'm out with my friends. If you go out with your friends who are out as a couple, don't be upset and don't let it bother you, just enjoy them being together. I also think this picture summed up mine and Ryan's relationship perfectly as we only get to see each other on weekends.

Have Something Of Theirs
This might sound silly but I found that having something physical of Ryan's helps a lot. I have a few things of his but the first thing I ever stole was this Fall Out Boy top, it gives me something to cuddle up to while I sleep or while I'm upset and it allows me to feel a bit closer to him. It will never replace their own cuddles though, sorry!

Remember Why You're With Them
The final tip I can give is to remember why you're with that person in the first place. Distance can be tricky and it can become stressful, but if you remember why you got with that person in the first place and what you love about them it'll help your relationship remain strong.