Life | Autumn/Winter Wishlist.

So as I mentioned in my 'Dear September' post I'm wanting to change my style this Autumn/Winter, although I think it's unfair to say I want to change my style as I don't want to completely change it however I just want to update it and add a few staple pieces into my wardrobe and I have been searching the internet high and low for these wanted staples.

However, I know myself too well and if I find something similar in Primark, I will buy it. But without further ado, here is my Autumn/Winter wishlist.

This Autumn/Winter I really want to start wearing dresses with black tights and ankle boots with a huge chunky scarf because I think it is an adorable look.

Being black this dress would go perfectly with black tights and little black boots, I also love the print of this dress.

Red Aztec Print Crochet Trim Skater Dress, £8.
I love red, especially in Autum, and I think the crochet hem detail would look super cute against some tights as it just adds an extra layer.

Shell Pink Contrast Collar Heart Print Skater Dress, £10.
This isn't the typical colour dress I'd pick out for Autumn/Winter, but I think the black hearts and collar would help it to sit well on some black tights. I'd also be able to transition it through to Spring/Summer.

Not the colours for Autumn/Winter at all and I really don't know how I'd make it work, but I saw this dress and just fell in love with it for Spring/Summer. Give a girl a break!

I already have some little black ankle boots which is what I want to style up for Autumn/Winter, but I am completely loving the chunky boot look which is currently in style.

I would style these both up and down. I'd wear these with a dress and tights, I'd wear these with my skinny jeans. I'd wear these for a day shopping, for uni, or for a night out. I think the chunky boot is such a versatile look.

Just a variation on the chunky boot but with a much lower heel. I'm also in love with simple detailing on chunky boots, be it zips or buckles.

I already have some little ankle boots yes, but I fell in love with these. I loved the military boot look when that was in fashion a few years ago, and these boots kind of remind me of that look. These could be laced up loosely with either a dress or skinny jeans and they would still look ridiculously cute.

I'm a sucker for accessories, it's probably my biggest weakness after nail varnish.

So I have seen this bag floating around my Instagram like there is no tomorrow and I was in love with it then, however when Gracie did her blogpost on it I knew that I was right in thinking this would be the perfect bag for Autumn/Winter.

Yes I am that girl. I don't know what it is about these that I love, maybe it's because they remind me of my childhood and I can remember wearing these when I was younger. I have friends that wear them and I am seeing them all over the internet, my heart is crying out for me to own one again.

I can't say much about these. Yes I know they are stupidly similar to the packs that I picked up from Primark a few months ago, and yes I know I wear too many bracelets for my own good. Maybe it's the pastel colours that caught my eye.

So this is similar to the bobble hat that I picked up from New Look last year, which I love. Along with huge chunky scarves in Autumn/Winter I love a good bobble hat. I already have a few events lined up which I know I'll be wearing a bobble hat and a good scarf for.

I have finally found products for my skin that are working, and I've also started pampering myself a bit more.

I have watched so many videos on this product and I still can't give you a reason as to why I haven't picked this up yet. There is something about being able to use a product which is so kind to the skin which still removes makeup which really interests me.

Once again, no excuse for me being so late to the party with this product. I'm starting to pamper myself a lot more and boy have I wanted this product for years.

Couldn't quite chose between Sugar Scrub and Breakfast Club, both sound like the smell so amazing.

I've become more confident with my skin, and with that for me comes being more confident wearing makeup I wouldn't have worn before.

I already own a Rimmel Kate lipstick and it is my favourite lipstick that I own. I want a darker shade for Autumn/Winter so I thought why not a deep red.

Not a typical Aumtum/Winter shade, but I want to be able to wear more colour in the day. Read so many reviews and watched so many videos about these. Plus this looks like a cute 'my lips but better colour'.

I never think of going to Topshop for makeup products despite hearing so many positives. Just another 'my lips but better' shade.

I have wanted this product since they came out but I don't think I could ever find the right colour. I'm not sure what took me so long but once again I just think that the shade Sweet Tart could be another 'my lips but better shade'. Do we see a theme here?

Once again, not an Autumn/Winter shade at all but I have been searching for a nail varnish in this colour since I was about 13/14. The fact it's already a matte polish makes me happier to.

Seventeen Smoulder Gel Eyeliner, £3.99.
Not so much of a wishlist product but more of a I am completely in love with this product. I picked this up last October when I was going out for a Halloween night, and holy crap, for such a cheap product this stuff is great and it does not budge. I cannot wait to replace this product.

Okay so not stuff that I really need, but for some reason really want.

Complete love hate relationship with this game already. From game previews I cannot wait to play this game as it looks incredible. However I cannot own this game yet as there is still no release date for Mac, I'm not overly keen on the price tag, and as someone who has been with the Sims since day one I'm so upset that so many things are missing from The Sims 4.

Cannot explain this one, was looking through Accessories on New Look and found this. It's cute, it's pink, I want it.

Just like the lunch box, I can't explain this one. Saw it, wanted it also. Oops.

Paper Mate Inkjoy Pens Assorted x10, £3.49.
I'm a huge stationary junkie, and I love coloured pens. I use colours pens to differentiate between my uni notes. Once again, no real explanation.