Life | Missing In Action

I know that I have completely lacked on blog posts lately and I can only put this down to finishing second year and being busy towards the end of my placement and Leeds Fest was a thing, both running around getting things ready and just being there.
(Photo taken from the official Leeds Festival Facebook Page here)
Leeds Festival was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life and I am so glad that I have finally experienced it. It was a weekend packed with wellies, a little bit of mud, a little bit of rain and some of the best people that I know, which was the perfect way to end second year. I got to see some amazing bands, some who I have seen before and some who I hadn't got the chance to see before.

I'm currently still struggling to remove the smell of campfire from every part of me and I still ache from sleeping in a tent and lugging everything across a field from the car to the campsite, but I wouldn't change a single part of it.

I was also nominated twice to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is raising awareness for ALS/MND, so I did that earlier today and you can see that above. Enjoy!