Beauty | Family Evening Outfit

So Wednesday was my Dad's birthday, along with my Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary so we went out for a curry as a family, so here is what I wore.

The dress probably looks familiar from a recent blog post as it's what I wore when I went out with Ryan's work, it's one of my favourite dresses as it gives the impression that I simply have a checkered shirt tucked into a leather skirt, I picked this up from Primark in the sale around Christmas time.

I just paired the dress with my black peep toe court shoes, which I also picked up from Primark. I bought these with the hope of wearing them for my 21st celebrations later on in the year, but I really do need to break them in. The ridiculously awkward hand in the picture is me clutching onto just a simple black clutch, why my hand is in that position I could not tell you. My hair is just simply pinned back with two small clips to give the impression of a small beehive look but with a different spin.

My entire outfit is completed with my treasured time turner, which is quite possibly my favourite possession.

Bonus picture of me pulling a hilarious face whilst trying to get a picture of the back of my hair!