Beauty | Spring Struggles

Despite it currently being June and almost summer in the UK, we're still having very mixed weather. Days where it's gloriously sunny and warm, and then days where it's still warm but there is a huge threat of rain. This is leading to a list of struggles I'm having this Spring.

What to wear
As I'm never quite sure what to wear as I never quite know what the weather is going to throw at me, I tend to just throw on a pair of skinny jeans, or my jeggings rolled to just above my ankle, with a comfortable top which is okay to wear alone or looks decent with my jacket thrown on top. Both the top and skinny jeans pictured are both from Primark.
As well as having to put together half decent outfits together for the day last weekend I also had to put together an outfit for a night out with my boyfriend and his work mates. I just threw on a dress which looks like a checkered shirt tucked into a leather skirt with my trusty black wedge heels. A dress which provides me with enough cover in case it was cold and wet, but looked nice enough on a sunny evening, luckily it was the latter and it was a lovely evening.

Shoes are also another issue when the weather is like this. I tend to just live in my trusty Converse, which you can see in the outfit pictures above, but here are some other options that I may choose. Once again, all the shoes pictured I picked up at Primark. As much as I love throwing on a pair of dolly shoes before I run out of the door, they're not always practical especially if it rains on me! With the black pair and the lace pair at the bottom, I also need to ensure that my toes are always looking nice as you can see my pedicure through them!

With Spring comes trouble for my skin with the weather changing and being warm and muggy my skin does not cope well and tends to become really dry. On my face, I continue to use my trusty Garnier moisturiser which I will always stay loyal to but I need a deeper moisturiser for my skin. I sent off for some samples of the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer and I've been trying it out this week since it arrived, it works by applying it to your skin after you've washed with your normal shower gel, I've pictured what I'm currently using. I'm very impressed by the Nivea moisturiser and I will definitely be purchasing, however, I can't say much for the scent, but that might be that my shower gel is a little overpowering.

As with my skin, my hair struggles massively in this weather and becomes quite frizzy, dry, and difficult to control. This product has been a lifesaver during this weather and really helps to control both the frizziness and the dryness in my hair. However, I feel this may be one of those products that you might only be able to buy from a hairdresser, thank you, mum!

In February I started wearing a winged eyeliner look but I've not worn it for a while, however, I definitely think that this makeup look will be I turn to for Spring. Recycling a picture from February because everybody knows how a winged eyeliner looks.

For a girl who loves painting my nails, I struggle with colours in Spring. The majority of nail colours that I own are brightly coloured and more appropriate for Summer or slightly darker and more appropriate for Autumn and Winter, I don't actually own that many Spring colours. I'm starting to experiment more with pastel colours on my nails and force a little bit of sunshine and Spring into my outfits.