Life | Dad's The Word.

So it's Father's Day, so I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a blog post to my Dad. Which, has made me realise that I didn't do this for Mother's day back in March, I know I was away that weekend so -10 points there, but that post will be going live next week.

Here's a quick introduction to my Dad: 
  • He is one of the funniest people I know, honestly he can have the entire family in tears from laughing so much sometimes.
  • He is one of the most loving people I know, if you mean something to my Dad then he will go above and beyond to help you in any way possible.
  • He ferries me around a hell of a lot, which is partly my own fault because I still can't drive, but also my Dad just wants to know I'm safe whenever he can and if he can help add to that he will.
  • He is always there for me, I can go to him with everything and he'll listen and talk me through it.
  • Adding to the first point, we have so many inside jokes. One of my favourites being from one of the many university open days we went to together.
  • He will always look at me like I'm his little girl, which is one of the sweetest things ever.
  • He is fiercely protective of our family. I have never felt safer. He is the rock of our family.
  • I don't know if it's fair to say if I've been a Daddy's girl, I can talk to both my Mum and my Dad and I can laugh with both, but I think the last picture shows that I've always had a love Nike trainers, which is my Dad's fault.
  • He is the person I can fangirl over Game of Thrones with.
  • He is the person who got both my brother and me into Monty Python and gave us our brilliant sense of humour.
  • We are both insanely similar, which I'm pretty sure drives my mum crazy half the time.
  • There is so much more I could list but I think the main post is, he is my Dad and he is a fantastic one at that.
Long story short, he is my Dad and I will always love him.

Beka. xo