Holiday Diaries | The Travel Bucketlist

Going on holiday in April really gave me and Ryan the travelling bug and without fail, at least once a week one of us will mention booking another holiday and lately we've started looking at other holidays.

Looking at other holidays has made me realise just how many places I actually want to visit. Some will seem cliche, which is fine and probably slightly expected. I also know that I have missed so many out, some because I just can't think of them all, some I don't actually know I want to go there yet. So here is my bucket list of places. 

United Kingdom
London, England. Image Source.
Edinburgh, Scotland. Image Source.
Belfast, Northern Ireland. Image Source.

Dublin, Ireland. Image Source.
Brussels, Belgium. Image Source.
Rome, Italy. Image Source.
Venice, Italy. Image Source.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Image Source.
Berlin, Germany. Image Source.
Krakow, Poland. Image Source.
Prague, Czech Republic. Image Source.
Paris, France. Image Source.
Disneyland Paris, France. Image Source.
Moscow, Russia. Image Source.
United States of America
New York. Image Source.
Chicago, Illinois. Image Source.
Miami, Florida. Image Source.
Walt Disney World, Florida. Image Source.
Downtown Disney, Orland, Florida. Image Source.
Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. Image Source.
Los Angeles, California. Image Source.
Las Vegas, Nevada. Image Source.