Shopping | No Self Control

I have zero self-control when it comes to shopping in Primark apparently, I knew I needed something from Boots but that somehow turned into me nipping into Primark before and leaving with stuff I never intended to leave with.

I won't make excuses, I'll just show you.

6 Pack Gem Heart Bracelets, £2
   If you know me you'll know that I always have some form of a bracelet on my wrists, I will always love wearing bracelets. Out of this pack, there are a few that I can't wait to wear and I have a few outfits in mind that some will go with specially.
6 Pack Multipack Bracelets, £2
   These were hanging next to the silver pack, like the silver bracelets there are certain bracelets that I can't wait to wear. I know a lot of people don't and won't wear silver and gold together however I think because these bracelets are more of a rose gold and plain gold, I think they'll go together well with the silver bracelets.
Marvel Short Pajama Set, £8
   I adore the short pyjama sets from Primark, purely because they're so easily to pull on and they're super comfy. I've been wanting a new set for a few weeks and when I saw this Marvel set and saw it was the last one on the rail I couldn't resist.
Ribbed Neckline T-Shirt, £4
   I still cannot explain why I like this top, I just really do. I can see this top looking nice lazily tucked into a pair of shorts, or jeans or just layered over some jeggings. I'm not sure how I'll end up wearing this top, but I cannot wait.
4 Pack Nail Polish, £2
   A pure impulse buys that I saw on my way to pay and then they ended up in my bag. It definitely was the colours that attracted me and I can't wait to wear these. Swatches will be coming soon!

I also bought some new underwear from Primark, but no one wants to see that kind of stuff.

Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone, £2.99
   This was the one thing I knew I wanted to pick up, I think it's obvious I'm pretty faithful to this moisturiser. Also, the added bonus that it's currently on offer at Boots, £2.99 instead of £5.99!
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick, £2.99
   I was wanting a new lip colour, although I was looking for more of a 'my lips but pinker' colour but ended up choosing this Lipstick in the shade Mango Tango, it's not as bright on the lips as it looks and it can easily be built up or dulled down depending on what I'll be wearing it for. I'm not overly crazy about the packaging, however, I think that can easily be overlooked with the colour of this lipstick and not to mention the price!