Kitchen | Smoothie Sensation

I've recently jumped onto the smoothie bandwagon. I really enjoy eating fruit, however, I go through stages where one day I can eat loads of fruit but then the next day I just do not want it, so smoothie making is an easy way for me to get some fruit into me on a daily basis.

I don't follow a recipe I just make mine to taste, and I think that is the best way to make a smoothie.
The smoothie I've been making the most lately is a banana, honey and almond smoothie, to make it I just use banana, almond milk and honey. I use a frozen banana, it looks disgusting I know but it keeps them for so much longer. I just chop them into chunks and then freeze them and then just grab them when I want to make a smoothie.
Like I said I don't use a recipe it's all to taste. I usually use about 6 chunks of banana, enough almond milk to just cover my banana chunks and two teaspoons of honey, and then I blend until it's smooth and enjoy!
I've also experimented with other flavours, to make this smoothie I used the same method as before but just added some frozen berries that I also had lying around in the freezer.

I think the best thing to do with smoothies is just experiment with flavours and enjoy them. I have some ideas of flavours that I want to try, such as adding chocolate and other berries.