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One of my favourite things to do is go shopping, I absolutely adore buying new things and treating myself. Aside from clothes shopping, brand new nail varnishes are my guilty pleasure.

Whilst on holiday in Alcudia, on a day when Ryan and I had gone exploring we came across a little souvenir shop, I was ecstatic to find that they also were selling some nail varnishes and these two little numbers drew me straight in.
I've never heard of the brand Yes Love, after doing a little bit of research I think it's a cosmetics brand that is available in Europe, although I'm not 100% sure on that, however, at €2 each, I couldn't turn these down! I also was intrigued by them being a neon glitter My only complaint about these nail varnishes is the smell, they kind of have that cheap, chemical type smell that I can only associate with the cheap nail varnishes I used to have when I was younger, however I've already worn these on my nails and I love the finish, so the smell I can put up with.
G1-4, the green coloured nail varnish, is very streaky and very pale when first applied, compared to G1-6, the lilac coloured nail varnish. G1-4 definitely needs two coats to make it just that little bit more opaque, where G1-6 is fine with just the one coat, this also makes it easier for the glitter to come through in this colour.

Having a next door neighbour who is an Avon Representative doesn't help with this slight obsession of mine as we're always being passed a book every time a new one is out and me and my mum are always drawn in by goodies on offer.

I have a love affair with the 'Speed Dry' nail varnishes which Avon sell, the selling factor for me being the speed dry, along with a good range of colours and a good formula which I can work with. Whilst flicking through one of the Avon books we noticed some 'Speed Dry' nail varnishes which have flecks of glitter throughout, however which are quite subtle. Me and my mum enjoy very different tones when it comes to nail varnishes, I prefer lighter colours whereas my mum prefers bold and darker colours, so we compromised and bought two each.

The two colours I chose were 'Enchanted Siren' and 'Trance'.

My mum went for the colours 'Lure' and 'Underworld'.

A full review of the Avon nail varnishes will be coming soon as I am currently waiting on some more Avon nail varnishes to arrive, so watch this space!