Beauty | Nail Varnish Love Affair

Another nail varnish love affair right here. My other Avon nail varnishes have finally arrived so it would only be fitting to review them all together.

The four Avon Speed Dry nail varnishes I have are in the colours Enchanted Siren, Trance, Lure and Underworld. I've mentioned that I always gravitate towards lighter colours, whereas my mum will choose darker and bolder nail varnish colours, so I don't think it's any surprise that I chose Enchanted Siren and Trance and my mum chose Lure and Underworld.

We bought these nail varnishes as we firstly enjoyed the colours and we really enjoy Avon's Speed Dry nail varnishes as we've used them in the past but we also enjoyed the small flecks of glitter which were spread throughout the formulas.
When I first put these nail varnishes on I think it's fair to say that I'd made up my mind instantly. I think all of these polishes are actually really hard to work with, as you can see Enchanted Siren, Trance are both very sheer and look very similar colours on the nails. Lure and Underworld are also sheer to an extent, especially Lure, but I feel these show streaks more than being sheer.
I stuck with them however through to a second coat. Enchanted Siren is still ridiculously sheer but I think it looks nicer on the nails with two coats, I feel that I'd have to use three coats of this if I was to wear it on my nails. Trance looks a lot better with two coats, like Enchanted Siren, I think that three coats may be needed to make it that little bit more opaque. Lure I was disappointed with, I held high hopes for this colour as I fell in love with it when I'd put on a second coat and like the others, I feel that a third coat would be needed, but I'm not sure if a third coat would actually do any difference. Underworld I do not like, it's not my type of colour at all, however, it is opaque on the second coat, but I still think it's streaky.
I'll stick with the Speed Dry polishes as even though they are slightly hard to work with, I think the formula is very runny and the colours are sheer I can see the potential in them. Also, those flecks of glitter in these colours are gorgeous and I can't wait for the sun to catch these on my nails in summer!

We've also purchased two Avon Gel Finish nail varnishes in the colours Lavender Sky and Glimmer, Lavender Sky being mine as I've been searching for a nail varnish in this colour for what feels like forever.
When I saw the colours in the bottle I wrote off Glimmer as not being my colour at all, but it being a typical colour that my mum would be drawn to and choose, however, this all changed the minute I put this colour on my nails, that shimmer! I love how these colours go on the nails at first, I love the formula, I love the colours, I love the shine, I love how opaque they are, I just love everything!
My love affair with these two Gel Finish varnishes just carried on once I applied my second coat. I didn't think it was possible but the second coat of Lavender Sky just made that colour pop even more and made me just fall in love with it further, I'm so happy with how this colour compliments my skin tone. The second coat of Glimmer secured it in my mind that I will be using this varnish, I can just see me using it for a fancy event with black and gold nails or something like that. The fact that these nail varnishes are both so opaque instantly just made me absolutely love these nail varnishes.
I do enjoy Avon nail varnishes, I think they are fantastic value for money and the range of colours is always just incredible. I'm definitely going to stick with the Speed Dry nail varnishes because I can see the potential with these nail varnishes and the colours, and I know that I'll be getting plenty of use from the Gel Finish varnishes.