Holiday Diaries | BzzAgent | Holiday Preparation and Second Chances

I don't know if it's just me that goes through a weird cycle when I'm going on holiday. From the minute we booked this holiday I've had a countdown on my phone and I've been super excited, especially the past month or so, I've been looking into things to do while we're over in Alcudia, checking the weather weekly and what not but I just could not bring myself to pack; I've had all my clothes sorted for the past weeks, I've known exactly what I was taking and was basically ready to go but I could not bring myself to pack.
Of course, I didn't want to pack too early but I leave today to go to my boyfriends before we fly on Sunday morning, and here is the state that my bed was in yesterday morning.

I can safely say I have now packed everything I can pack so far, obviously, essentials will be left till the last minute, and I have my hand luggage sorted also, which is the brown bag on top of my suitcase.

Although I still don't feel like I'm in the holiday mood, I think this is because packing is such a stressful experience for me, I'm always stupidly conscious of the baggage allowance, and even though I know I am far from this I'm still worried that when I get to the airport I'll be over.

Preparing myself for the holiday also including giving my Nair Shower Power Cream a second chance. 
So I didn't follow the instructions on this time and as I stated in my initial review I used this as a normal hair remover and waited outside of the shower until it was time to wash it off. I waited 10 minutes before I washed it off just to ensure it would get all the hair, I also didn't use the spatula to remove the cream as I found this quite painful last time I used this and found it scratched my legs, so I just washed off the cream using a shower scrub or "puff" as I call them.

So once again both my legs and underarms felt silky smooth after using this product, however, a lot more hair was removed. I do feel that waiting outside of the shower until it was time to wash off the product made this vital difference. There was some hair left in some places, such as at the bottom of my ankles which did mean that I had to go over these areas quickly with my razor but that's one of those areas which is understandable.

Overall Impressions So Far - So I haven't written off this product completely and I think I will be using it whilst I'm on holiday because I really do like how smooth it leaves my skin feeling after using it, however my razor has also been packed as a backup plan just for those little areas. I feel a little bit heartbroken writing this review, purely because Nair is a product that I have sworn by since I was 11 and it was the first product I used before I was allowed to properly shave my legs, so I think the fact that it doesn't work as well as I remember it working when I was 11 is disheartening, but then I also do try to keep reminding myself that I'm now 20 and I've been shaving my legs since I was 12, so, therefore, my hair and probably skin type has changed. Overall though I was more impressed by this use, however, I wouldn't be recommending this product as an in shower product and I would recommend that people use this as a normal hair removal cream and then just wash it off in the shower.