Holiday Diaries | The First Edition

Can we call this the 'First Edition' of my holiday diaries when it's the first holiday I've been on without my parents? The fact that we're already thinking about our next holiday and different destinations justifies it in my mind that I can call this my 'First Edition'. Also, after a week in the sunshine, this horrible wet, cold and dark weather were not the weather that I was hoping to come to. But anyway, let's jump into the pictures so you can see what we got up to for a week!

 Me and Ryan both took a 'legs or hot dogs' selfie firstly as a joke, but the more that I look at this picture the more it actually sums up what we spent a few days doing, just relaxing by the pool and enjoying the sunshine.

We travelled back on Easter Sunday so I didn't get my Easter Goodies until the Tuesday, I hope you all had a fantastic and fun filled Easter however you chose to spend it.

There are many other things that we did and got to see, however, I just didn't think to take my camera out and snap some pictures, I don't even know why! I bought a few goodies, however, I will be including those in a completely different post which is coming very soon, I do have a few other post ideas lined up too so we'll be back to normality soon. 

For now, I'm off to still try and adjust to this cold and wet weather! xo