BzzAgent | Nair Campaign

It's that time again, I'm involved in another BzzAgent campain! This time it's a Nair campaign.

I apologise for the awful appearance of the box, I think it's safe to say I was not impressed by the state it was delivered in.

The product that I have the pleasure of reviewing for this campaign is the Nair Shower Power Cream with argon oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter, suitable for dry and sensitive skin. As with the John Frieda campaign, my Nair product is a full-size product to try and review.

This campaign could not have been better timed for me as I've been looking to get some hair removal cream for my holiday as currently I seem to be just slicing my legs up every time I touch a razor and I want nice smooth legs for my holiday, so of naturally when I was asked to join this campaign, I jumped at the chance!

Also, as with the John Frieda campaign, I will be using this product every time I feel I need to, until the end of the campaign or until I run out of product.

Nair, Argon Oil, Shower Power Cream - Claims to "work during showering for handy, quick & effective hair removal" and helps your skin to feel "softer and smoother" for up to 7 days.
First Impressions - I love using argon oil on my hair so I was quite excited to see that argon oil is the main selling point for this product. As soon as I got this product the first thing I did was smell it, at first the scent was pleasant and this continued whilst I was applying the product to my legs, however when this product had been on my legs for a few minutes that typical, almost chemical smell, which I often get from Nair products became noticeable, so I was a little disappointed with that.
I applied the product onto my legs and under arms before I jumped in the shower, waiting a few minutes before I got in as instructed. However, it also tells you to not stand directly under the water stream whilst in the shower, which I completely understand, however, I personally don't know what I'm meant to do in a shower that doesn't involve me standing directly under the water stream, but I waited out the time I was instructed too, I did splash my legs a few times and the product was washed away quite easily.
I prefer the little spatula that now comes with the product, compared to the old sponge they used to give you. However, the edge of the spatula is quite sharp and can be a little bit uncomfortable and can leave the skin looking a little bit red and scratched.
When I took the product off I had to go over my legs with my razor as quite a lot of patches on my legs had been missed which I was disappointed with. Also, the product came away in quite big lumps which did not break down easily with water which left my shower tray feeling slippy and the plug slightly blocked.

Overall Impressions So Far - After using it once I'm not impressed so far, although my legs and underarms do feel silky smooth and I didn't feel like I had to moisturise my legs after showering. I feel that using this product just made my shower time a lot longer due to the application, having to wait before getting in the shower and then having to wait around in the shower further as I can't do anything that will overly expose my legs to water and the product was easily washed off when I accidentally splashed my legs. As I had to go over my legs with my razor I am not expecting this product to give me up to 7 days of smoothness, however, I still cannot be sure if that means 7 days of smooth legs with no regrowth or 7 days of smooth feeling skin, only time will tell.

I haven't totally written this product off I am going to give it another chance, however, I feel that I'm going to use this product like you would the typical Nair, apply it, wait, wash it off, then carry on. For me, this will be easier and I'm not wasting time and water by standing in the shower doing nothing, and I'm pretty sure this is how I will use it whilst I'm on holiday, however, my razor will be coming with me as a backup. Watch this space for a second update to see if I manage to change my mind with this product.