Life | Favourite February Moments

So whilst I'm currently in the process of writing another post, which will probably be up tomorrow, here are some of my favourite moments from February which I managed to capture through my camera.

So February became the month that everybody became obsessed with Flappy Bird, admittedly I never saw the attraction however it then becomes obvious just how addictive the game can become. February also became the month that me and Ryan became extremely competitive with each other over this game, and there is my high score.
Obviously, February is the month of Valentine's Day and the above picture shows both the card and the jumper that I was given.
It also apparently became the month of hilarious selfies found on my phone after nights out. Although, I have to admit, I do love this picture and it would better if it wasn't so drunk.
I also went out a couple of times in February and they were also some of the best nights out in a long time, have one of my favourite pictures from one of those nights out.
I also finally touched up my roots and became stupidly blonde again, like extremely blonde. I also fell in love with the winged eyeliner look on myself.
Once again, more hilarious selfies from nights out.
It was also Ryan's mums birthday towards the end of February so we had a little get together for her, we have very few pictures together, so here is one of the rare ones from that night.

A new post should be up tomorrow and now that I have finished with uni work and assignments for a while so posts will be back to being much more frequently.