Monday, 31 October 2016

Life | Goodbye October

Dear October,

I feel like I haven't done as much this month as I did last month; I've done a lot of overtime at work if that counts!

Well actually I had a week of annual leave for my birthday, I'm officially 23! Yesterday's post was all about what I got for my birthday, so don't forget to go back and look at what I was lucky enough to be treated to for my birthday. As well as having a week off for my birthday we also spent the weekend seeing You Me At Six on the Thursday and then Twin Atlantic on the Saturday. I've been seeing You Me At Six since I was like 13; it was an interesting night.. I had a good night regardless I just think that the setlist could have been a hell of a lot better. Twin Atlantic are always one of my favourite bands to see live, they never let me down and it was a fantastic night in Leeds.

I also took part in the Disney Halloween Gift Exchange which was organised by Hannah from courageandkindness over on Twitter and how cute and amazing are the gifts that I received from Hazel over at fleurcharms?!

So that's genuinely all I've got up to this month October, I've been kept really busy with a lot of overtime at work so you've gone really quick again. I've got my brothers birthday coming up next month but I'm already starting to think about Christmas shopping, oh dear! Let's see what November has in store for me!

Beka. xo

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Life | What I Got For My 23rd Birthday

It's the obligatory what I got for my birthday post! As much as I love reading these posts, I hate writing them cause I always feel like I'm bragging in some strange way. I always feel insanely overwhelmed when it comes to talking about what I got for my birthday; I always feel like I got so much and people didn't need to get me anything.

Naturally I got all the Harry Potter goodies. I received a Harry Potter hamper which contained a mug and all the sweets, I got the illustrated Chamber of Secrets. My best friend got me the most hilarious Harry Potter pun mug, with a Hufflepuff coaster, along with a Hufflepuff bracelet charm and of course I picked out some Harry Potter PJs from Primark.. because what birthday is complete without PJs. My parents have also preordered me the screenplay of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; so again I'll be standing in Waterstones like an excited fangirl come November..

I was then given the most gorgeous black handbag by my grandparents, as well as already being given my Katie Loxton clutch by Holly. I was also treated to my favourite Liz Earle orange flower body wash because it's just beautiful and my favourite. An Avon nail varnish, eyeliner, perfume and a pina colada lip balm were also included because a girl can never get too much. I was also incredibly spoiled and received a huge Yankee Candle in Olive and Thyme which smells so fresh it's beautiful. I also have paper fans from Tiger that I need to find a home for, and a new notepad and personalised pen which I'm pretty sure I'll get good use out of!

I then received all the chocolate in the world, because just like PJs what's a birthday without chocolate? I received a pair of chocolate heels; because if you can't buy me shoes then buying me chocolate shoes is genuinely the next best thing. My two favourite kinds of chocolate in the world; Ferrero Rocher and Lindt. I also have Oreos, Thornton's and chocolate thins to work through.. I really best get to work.

Whether you bought me something, sent me a card or simply wished me a happy birthday then again thank you so, so much because it really does mean a lot.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday First | NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

NYX are a brand that I have wanted to get my hands on for so long, so when it was announced they were being launched in Boots like every other girl in the country my heart genuinely skipped a beat. I don't live in the biggest town so I never expected my local Boots to have their own NYX stand, so just imagine the little squeal that escaped my mouth when I saw this wonderful NYX stand that had popped up.

I can't lie; I now have the biggest NYX wish list but most of the pieces that I want are out of stock so I'm going to have to do an online order.. At least when I'm in store I can swatch lip colours! Which is exactly what I did last week when I finally decided to treat myself to three of the soft matte lip creams. The soft matte lip creams are described as "surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy", with a "burst of creamy colour', a "sweetly scented formula" and they all set "to a stunning matte finish" (

I initially picked up Istanbul because I've realised that I really need an everyday lip colour; Istanbul is simply described as a clean pink and it really is the most simple, everyday pink you could imagine. My eyes were then drawn to Prague, described as a matte merlot because that muted pink/purple is always a colour I love at any time of year. I then couldn't not walk away without picking up Copenhagen, a rich plum because oh my god just look at that colour. Although I can't lie, I am slightly disappointed with Copenhagen. I was expecting a really deep, intense plum colour that would be really in your face just like my Sleek Matte Me, but in reality it's more of a berry shade that I can very easily wear in the day.. Not to say it isn't a pretty colour, but not as intense or as dark as I expected.

I first tested Copenhagen, naturally with it being the darkest shade. It applies a little bit patchy so to combat this I just apply a wine coloured lip liner underneath it. It's not so patchy that colour is pulled from your lips, however it does become a little streaky and you have to be very careful how you touch it up. It wears incredibly well, it survived eating and drinking and only really wore away at the middle of my lips. This isn't a huge issue, it definitely would need to be applied again during the day but the lip creams are so easy to throw into your handbag that you can easily reapply them throughout the day without them being a huge inconvenience.

Prague applies so easily, there is a tiny little bit of patchiness but nothing that isn't fixed without a second coat; I can easily wear Prague without the need of a lip liner. It wore almost identically to Copenhagen; it faded more noticeably in the middle of my lips and would definitely need touching up more during the day. I left mine, purposely to see how it wore if not touched up, and it started to fade around the edge of my lips and I was kind of left with weird little patches of colour just on my lips.. So attractive.

Istanbul is a perfect my lips but better shade and applies so easily; there is no need for a lip liner, there is no patchiness, no streakiness, no anything. I'm not sure if this is because it's a lighter shade, or if because for me it's literally the perfect my lips but better shade but this was the best colour that I picked up for fading. The fading was barely noticeable; if you were going to be super picky then yes you can see the fading in the middle of the lips from eating and drinking but if you didn't want to touch up throughout the day or forgot to take the lip cream with you one day then you could definitely get away without touching up Istanbul.

The thing I definitely noticed with all three shades is that not one of these budged from my lips when eating and drinking; I had no transfer marks on my cups when drinking my tea, no lip marks on my food, no smudges on the edges of my fingers if I brushed my lips as I often forget.. Nothing, these things stay put and I didn't apply a setting spray any of the days when I was testing these out. The scent is great in these lip creams; NYX just describe it as sweet but there is definitely a hint of sugar, or vanilla.. Something I definitely know but just can't put my finger on. It's definitely there when you open the lip creams and when you first apply the product, but it isn't overwhelming and it disappears quite quickly. All of the colours I tested dried down very quickly to matte on the lips, but they weren't drying at all and to be honest I actually forgot that I was wearing a product on my lips.

Will I continue to use the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams? I will do. I'm really enjoying the colours that I've picked up so far and I have my eye on a few more colours from the Soft Matte Lip Cream range. I also love how the feel and wear on the lips!
Would I repurchase the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams? I think so. They are so light and soft on the lips you actually forget you have anything on your lips, even after wearing them all day long. At no point do they start to dry or become tight.
Would I recommend the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams? Oh definitely. They apply nicely enough, even though the darker you get the more need you have for a lip liner but all three I found seemed to last just as well. They didn't budge during eating or drinking which was a huge bonus and one I know a lot of people look for; and for such a decent price!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. The application isn't there across the entire range and if you don't have the lip liner for a specific colour then trying to touch up the patchiness can be slightly tricky. Application aside the wear of these is just incredible and I'm excited by the rest of the colour range!

Have you tried any of the Soft Matte Lip Cream's from NYX? Have you tried anything else from NYX? Do you have any NYX recommendations? Let me know!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday First | w7 Eyelust

So after a trying of a few of the base products from w7 and falling in love with them, I thought it was time that I tried some of their makeup pieces. I have a huge list of bits that I'm wanting to try from w7, in fact I might end up doing a wish list post all on those. But when I was in B&M just the other week I was lusting over the pieces from w7 that they have and ended up picking up the Eyelust mascara. Eyelust is quite simply described as a mascara that allows you to "create long, black curly lashes with this super bristled brush" (

So let's start with the packaging. It's bright, it's chunky, and it's tacky.. Which for some people is an absolute nightmare but there is just something about it that I love and I don't know why, maybe it's because I can so easily find it in my makeup bag when hunting through everything else. Let's be honest, I had the biggest shock of my life when I opened this mascara and saw the brush. To say it's a super bristled brush is a complete understatement, it's quite honestly the biggest mascara brush I've ever used in my life. Amazingly though it's a lot easier to use than I anticipated, I half expected to have mascara all over my eyelids if I'm honest. It is a chunky brush and you do have to use it with a very light hand to not get it on your eyelid, it's not the easiest to capture the tiniest lashes with but it's a lot easier to use than you'd think. Now I'd say that this mascara really does make my lashes long, but I can't really say it's adds any extra curl to them. Annoyingly I can't comment on if it's waterproof or not because I can't seem to find this information anywhere; I'm going to assume that if I'm not told then it's not. However this mascara withheld a night out, a gig during which I got very warm and also cried, and it's currently surviving me being really ill, coughing, sneezing and just being generally attractive.. So if it's not waterproof then it seems to hold up really, really well; I haven't noticed any transferring during the day or any annoying fall out.

Will I continue to use w7's Eyelust Mascara? I will do. I'm really enjoying the formula of this mascara and I'm enjoying how my lashes look after using this. My lashes look long and separated without looking spider like. It holds up well throughout the day, and it's also served me well throughout the night.
Would I repurchase w7's Eyelust Mascara? I think I will. I think it's going to become a mascara I use regularly alongside my beloved Natural Collection mascara, so I'm definitely onto a winner here.
Would I recommend w7's Eyelust Mascara? Definitely. Set aside your thoughts of the packaging, and the brush. If I'd have seen the brush before I'd have never have picked it up, but I really love the way this mascara makes my lashes look. Definitely take the plunge and give this w7 mascara a go!
Overall score out of 5? A 4. The brush took me a couple of times to get right, I really had to practice using it with a light hand to not get mascara everywhere and I really can't capture my tiny lashes with it. It doesn't really add any extra curl to my lashes, but the length and the overall look it gives to my lashes definitely makes up for this. I'm still not 100% sure if this mascara is waterproof; I don't think it is, but it seems to hold up pretty well to say it isn't.

Have you tried w7's Eyelust Mascara? Are you a fan of w7's mascaras? Have you ever tried any mascaras from w7? Do you have any recommendations of any makeup products from w7 that I should try? Let me know!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Life | September Blogger #BoxOfLame

I've finally treated myself to a #BoxOfLame.. I mean looking at all of the goodies packed into this incredible box how did it take me this long? I purposely went for a bloggers box, which is the most expensive box but oh so worth it. Of course I was going to go for the bloggers box, but I secretly really wanted the bloggers mail pad included because I think it's a great idea and I really want it to make me a better blogger.. Here's hoping!

I actually did a huge unboxing of everything over on my Snapchat when I first received my box, but lets very quickly have a recap of all the beautiful bits that I got in this box that was absolutely full to the brim!

Starting with the main stationary bits within the box! So everything in this section is thatlamecompany exclusive and all so affordable if you fancy treating yourself, just saying... So I've already spoke about how I really wanted the Blogger Mail A4 Notepad to hopefully make me a better blogger, so you know let's see.. If you know me at all then you'll know that procrastinating is something I am terrible for doing and my to do lists are forever growing, so this Either Way I Haven't Done This Yet A6 Notepad is definitely one for me. The Weekly Planner A5 Notepad is definitely going to be used for me to plan out my week blogging wise; writing posts, taking photos, scheduling tweets, etc. because I'm always at work and on my days off don't want to do much so I need to sometimes write down where I'm at and what I should be doing. Now I am a sucker for a cute notebook, and I highly doubt I need another one.. But with such a cute saying like 'Notes and Dream, Thoughts and Schemes' and with it being such an ideal size at A5 this will definitely be coming in handy.

We then have stickers, and oh this made me so excited. So there was a pack of Motivational Stickers; the pack with cute things reminding me to work extra hard and telling me I've got this and then the cute pastel pack of Journal Stickers; which have the to-do lists and some really handy stickers which will really draw my attention. Also from the super cute Etsy store Lilac & Dot we have a really cute pack of Geometric Glitter Planner Stickers, which I just know I'm going to get a hell of a lot of use out of. I love the design of these, and I love how convincing the glitter is on these stickers!

Let's talk about what I can only call the 'other' little bits before I talk about all the prints included in the box! From the Etsy store emilyandangus I was actually really excited to see a little elastic hair tie because I really do love these style of hair ties for my hair! Can we talk about how amazing this pencil is, and totally unsafe for work it is? I'm pretty sure it's from thatlamecompany but I can't find it on the site so I can't be 100%.. Sorry! Although I am 100% sure that the Recipe Prints and the Snail Mail packs are from thatlamecompany and they are some of the cutest things I have ever seen. Now, who wants a cute letter from me so I can send someone these and also a cute recipe?!

Okay so let's talk about all the beautiful prints that were included in this months box, and let's split it into A5 and A6 prints. So we have a two cute A5 prints; a Believe in Yourself motivational print and a Cacti print because everyone needs some cacti in their life to make it a little bit better. We then have the two rose gold and the gold prints which are insanely pretty and I just stared at them when I got to them in the box. As well as a motivational one saying Celebrate All the Little Victories, we have one with naturally the best advice for any blogger; Blog, Tweet, Snack, Repeat and another which just describes my life; You Had Me At Pizza.

The A6 prints are just as cute. I have two that I'm not 100% as to where they're from, although I believe one of them is a Dorkface print! They are the motivational Flower print about reaching the sunshine and the Sweet As Candy print. Keeping with the motivational theme from thatlamecompany there are two prints; a Fear print reminding you to push through the fear and another print reminding you that it's always best to Start Now. From PopCuteStudios we have the cutest little Rice Bowl Postcard Print, which is a winner for me because of the pun! And then from RainingCatsAndCake we have the cutest Party Cat Mini Print which will make the cutest alternative birthday card for someone and I can't wait to give it to the perfect person.

So that is everything that was included in the September Blogger #BoxOfLame, I honestly don't know how all of that was squeezed in! As well as the Etsy stores that I've mentioned there are all of these amazing ones also included in this months box; daisyillustrates, DorkfaceShop, vitadelicata, CariadPlanning, RebeccaDrawsArt, CherryMadeThis, and LaraKingDraws. I cannot believe how many amazing people have put so much effort and hard work into this months box and have made it so incredible, I'm already waiting for the next box because I know it's just going to be great!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Beauty | The Body Shop Vitamin E 3 Step Regime

I apparently still have zero self control when I'm in The Body Shop. The other week I genuinely popped into The Body Shop to pick up my beloved Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and when I got to the till the lovely guy told me that because I'm a Body Shop Love Your Body Member I was entitled to a 30% if I just spent a little bit more money. I couldn't really see anything else that I wanted, until I saw the Vitamin E 3 Step Regime all put in together in a little package and I couldn't resist!

I've been looking at the Vitamin E range for a while but because I've been trying out different skin care pieces I've never got round to trying it fully. But what I really like about this range is that there is this 3 step regime or there are a few other bits and pieces you can add in and substitute bits for. The whole range contains moisturising wheatgerm oil as well as vitamin E which makes every single product in this range smell beautiful, to me everything just smells very oaty and I love it.

The Cream Cleanser was the product I was most interested in trying and it's the first step in this regime. I was really interested in how well a cleanser would work that you apply straight onto your skin that claims to remove your makeup which you then just remove with a cotton pad. The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is my absolute right arm when it comes to makeup removal so I didn't really have high hopes, however the cream cleanser breaks down my makeup really easily and it is so easily removed by a cotton pad. The only part I still can't seem to get my head around is that I don't need to rinse or wash my face after using this.

The next step is the Hydrating Toner. Now if I'm honest I've had a very up and down relationship with toners over the years with my skincare, because I honestly don't understand what I'm using a toner for. Using this after the cream cleanser helps me to remove the last traces of the cleanser from my face and remove any last traces of any makeup I might have missed. I do feel that it leaves my face feeling squeaky clean after using this over my face.

The last step of the regime is the moisture cream. This moisturiser is super lightweight and sinks into the skin incredibly easily without being greasy or leaving a horrible feeling on my skin. I've swapped to using this moisturiser on a twice daily basis at the minute because something is drying my skin out awfully at the minute and I can't work out what so I need to put some moisture back into my skin and this is so lightweight but really seems to be helping on the moisture front.

So far I've been enjoying this skincare range, it's not broke my out and it's been really helping with the dryness and flakiness I've been suffering from lately. The smell is really comforting and the whole range just feels cooling on the skin. In this regime the only thing I'm not really sure on personally is the toner, purely because I've never been sure on toners and I think I'd personally swap it out for something like the overnight serum-in-oil because I think that could be something that would be really helpful.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Life | Goodbye September

Dear September,

Oh my god, how quick have you gone? I know that sounds really cliche but it only feels like I was writing to August and then writing my Amsterdam post a couple of weeks ago and now we're nearly in October!

Of course we started the month by flying out to Amsterdam, which is always one of the best ways to start a new month and spending a whole week exploring a new city really is one of the best way to start a month if I'm honest. Amsterdam was such an interesting city and I really had a fantastic time, I got to visit some incredibly places and I got to see some things I never thought I'd ever be able to in my life time, but I've already wrote about this in my Amsterdam post!

I'm sorry September but I did become one of those people who bought the iPhone 7.. Judge me, I'm not even ashamed. In my defence I've been wanting to treat myself to a brand new phone for ages and I was going to buy myself the 6s; then when I got a tax refund and then saw that Apple were wanting the exact same price for the 7 well it was a no brainer really.. If I can't treat myself then who can I treat!

At this time of year I become the biggest basic white bitch and we have Starbucks to blame for that, everything in my life becomes Pumpkin Spiced! I couldn't resist this candle and wax pop from Bloom Candles, although I still don't have my hands on the Pumpkin Spice Baileys..

Health wise it was a really annoying month, I thought we'd got somewhere but it seemed to be a bit of a set back. But we finally have a date for my tilt table test which takes place in a couple of weeks so I'm sure you'll hear all about how that goes!

I genuinely cannot believe how quick you've gone September, I feel like I've done so much yet so little at the same time.

Beka. xo