Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas Day 5 | Favourite November Posts

I've been thinking for a while about rounding up some of my favourite blog posts from each month and spreading some love throughout the blogging community and I thought that December would be the perfect month to start! This month I've managed to pick out 5 blog posts that I loved, although picking them out wasn't easy I soon realised...

All photos have been taken from the original blog posts which I have linked back to!

I'm the kind of person that has to remind themselves that I'm allowed a lazy day everyone once in a while and I shouldn't feel bad about it. Reading this blog post from Jodie really helped me to look forward to my lazy days without feeling guilty about them at all.

Baby Martin: Gender Unknown -
Claire is quite easily one of my best friends in the blogging community and I love her to pieces. I am loving her pregnancy updates and I think I'm just as excited as her, however I loved this post so much. I love the honesty within the post and the truth about how she is actually feeling! It got me even more excited for little Baby Martin.

This was one of my favourite posts as I think it acted as the perfect reminder. I always love looking in charity shops and I always love finding those little charity shop gems. I always forget about looking in charity shops for gifts, however after reading this it's reminded me to have a look because I can get some fantastic gifts and be helping people out!

I've seen many different ideas for a DIY hot chocolate gift at Christmas but I've never see the idea of giving on in a Christmas bauble! I think they look fantastically festive and look insanely cute, I actually wish that I knew someone who would appreciate a gift like this because I'm now desperate to create these!

So I have seen so many posts in November that are all about Disney and Christmas, however I think this was my favourite. It's safe to say that I now have the biggest wish list of Disney Christmas items that I want so badly in my life.

Blogmas Day 6 Preview: Tomorrow I'm talking about my favourite Christmas movies!