Friday, 21 February 2014

Life | Organisation Tips Of A Busy Student.

Trying to juggle two uni assignments, which are both due in within a week of each other, at the same time is not easy. Even more so when I'm also trying to juggle placement hours also, but then also trying to have a life at the same time. Oh the struggles of being a student, so please excuse the lack of blog last weekend.

However, here is a shameless selfie in my lovely jumper I was given for Valentine's Day, which I'll admit is also a reason for the lack of blog last week.

So working on two assignments at the same time has resulted in me being very organised, purely I so know in my own head exactly where I am with everything, so I thought now would be the perfect time to show my organisation tips.

The first thing that helps me is to be able to actually see what is due in and when, this is where my whiteboard comes in helpful. Split into 6 sections; 5 modules and then any other things I need to remember. As you can see my two modules which I have assignments in just have a massive date on. If it's just small pieces of work I need to do then these are just usually bullet pointed, the magnets just act as a reminder that I'm currently working on this module. The two modules with crosses through are modules that aren't currently on right now.

To help myself be a little bit more organised and aware of what is going on at just a quick glance this is where these coloured sticker dots come in helpful, and you'll now see why. As you can see, I've already used so many of these.

My wall calendar obviously gives me a monthly view of everything I have going on. To make it easier to know what is happening at just a glance I use my coloured dots. A different colour represents a different thing, so I can quickly glance at this in the morning and be aware of what is going on that day.

As you can see I also use the coloured dots in my diary, which is always on me, and this works the same way as my calendar. It's just a lot more helpful when I'm out and trying to organise things because I already know where I am and what I'm doing that day. As you can see on both the calendar and in my diary, on the days with multiple events there are two dots. Very easy to understand I think.

So when I'm actually working on uni assignments the best advice I can give is do you research, know exactly what you're going to be working on and talking about and get down to your uni library and take out as many books as you need. Honestly, I didn't really do this until the end of my first year and I can really see how this instantly made a difference in my uni work. Even if you don't want to take books out of the library, just go down, look at some, get ideas, references and whatever and just make sure you have a wide variety.

Sat on top of the list of books you can see these little things. These have become my best friends during my time with these two assignments. I use them to mark pages I want to use from books I've taken out and I'm sure that I'll find plenty more uses for them in the future. Being brightly coloured and small makes them a lot more easier to work with to just mark pages in books, compared to normal yellow post-it notes, cause they stand out a lot more and quickly catch my eye.

I think the final tip I could ever give is if you are given guidance by your tutors, use this guidance! Bottom right corner. It's given to you for a reason and is really helpful. I know enough people who don't use the guidance given and then have a good old moan when they don't get the grade they were expecting. I find it helpful to keep me on track within my work and also help me ensure that all my content is relevant.

I know not everyone will like these organisation tips and some people will find them weird, but these tips are just what help me stay organised and a little bit more sane when I'm trying to juggle what feels like a million things at once.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Shopping | Those Rare Weekends.

It's very rare for me to actually be home at a weekend as I'm usually up in Leeds, although I do sometimes have a rare weekend at home. It feels a little strange at first as I'm completely out of my normal routine but I usually find things to busy myself with.

So what did I do this weekend while I was at home? A lot of retail therapy and university work. My brothers girlfriend needed to go shopping for Valentine's Day so I happily volunteered to go with her as I needed to pick up a few essentials and needed to buy presents myself. However since we decided to go shopping I'd bought my presents online but I was still happy to go shopping. Although, it would be terrible for me to not show you what I bought yesterday.

Beanie - Burgundy, £4.50
   This was the first shop we visited yesterday. I've been searching for a new beanie for the past month however all beanies I'm finding for women lately are over-sized, which I already have and I wanted a smaller one that would be fitted to my head. So I picked this one up in burgundy. Was originally priced at £8 but was reduced to £5 and then cost me £4.50 due to my favourite little thing of student discount.
The picture doesn't really do any justice, so I'll one up of me wearing it asap.

Clean & Clear - Exfoliating Daily Wash, £2.99
   We then went to Boots as my brothers girlfriend needed some new foundation. I also needed some more face wash as I was starting to run out so I picked up my normal.

Rimmel - Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick, Shade 110, £3.99
   Whilst I was with my brothers girlfriend helping her find the right shade of foundation I spotted some Kate Moss lipsticks, I'm not sure why they caught my eye but I had a look at all the shades and just fell in love with this colour. I couldn't let this lipstick go as it was also the last tube they had in this colour. I think it would look great on a night out, for a meal and even on my holiday. This lipstick feels amazing, it goes on so smoothly and feels so soft, it also smells amazing. What made this purchase even better was the fact that this was on offer, originally it was £5.49 but it was reduced to £3.99.

Garnier Moisture Match - Shine Be Gone Mattifying Light Cream, £2.98
   We then went to Superdrug as Boots had sold out of my moisturizer and I want to pick some up whilst I was in town before I ran out. When I picked up my moisturizer and walked to the till I was pleasantly surprised when she told me that it was on offer for £2.98 instead of the normal price of £5.99.

   We then went into the card shop which is next door to Superdrug as we both needed a card for Valentines Day, I found one that I thought looked lovely and got that. That's all you need to know about the card.

   We then both got drawn into Primark, my brother's girlfriend actually needed something from Primark and I had seen a few tops that I liked for my holiday.

Lace Sleeve Denim Shirt, £12
   I'd seen this a few days before whilst I was sheltering from the rain whilst waiting for my bus. I think this top would look really nice open over a maxi dress, or a simple vest top with a  a maxi skirt, shorts or jeans in general. It looks really creased in the picture because I washed it last night and hung it to dry and haven't had chance to iron it yet.

Acid Crop Denim Shirt, £12
   Like the other top, I'd seen this a few days previously. I also think this top would look nice open or tied over a maxi dress, a vest top and a maxi skirt, or open over my bikini top with my shorts whilst I'm on holiday. It looks really creased in the picture because I washed it last night and hung it to dry and haven't had chance to iron it yet.

Skinny Ripped Jeans, £13
   Whilst I was in the denim section these pair of jeans caught my eye as I've been looking for a pair of distressed skinny jeans for a few months since my last pair died on me. I like these jeans and they don't look too ripped although I think they will become more distressed over time as I wear them more.

Monochrome 50's Print Bikini Top, £6
   I was just having a look around when this bikini top caught my eye. I thought it was really cute as it will tie as a halter neck which will give that 50's style look to it and it will be easy to pair with just a pair of black bikini bottoms. As you can see I'm slowly buying things for my holiday, I feel that if I start buying things now then I can spread my shopping and spending out, and then also I might stop myself panic buying and buying so much.

Black Skinny Hair Ties, £1
   Whilst I was in the queue I then also quickly grabbed the pack of 40 skinny hair ties, purely because I go through bobbles like there is no tomorrow and a girl can never have too many.

Bananarama, £2.50
   We were walking back for the bus and in the middle of the main shopping center there was a stall selling chocolate, but this chocolate was really nicely decorated and so many different flavours and they just caught my eye. They also had samples out to try, well I tried one called Bananarama and I was sold, it tasted amazing. Despite being on my health eating for my holiday I had to buy myself a bar. All the chocolate is handmade, Belgian chocolate with whichever flavour it is you have bought. As you can see, mine is also decorated with foam bananas, which are some of my favourite sweets from when I was little. Unfortunately they don't have a website and the shop is based in Stoke, which is too far to me for go just for amazing chocolate so I'll be making this bar last and enjoying every single bite.

For the entire of February, and the end of January really, I have been super busy working on two university assignments, both of which have to be in at the end of February whilst being on placement at the same time. It's required a lot of planning and a lot of work on my behalf but I'm going to do a completely different post on this in the upcoming weeks.

It doesn't sound like I've actually done a lot, however it has been nice being a home for a little while and spending time with the family and doing something a little bit different.